Portable système de pagination, appelant alphanumérique restaurant coaster pager 1 émetteur 10 texte téléavertisseurs

garçom buzzer sistema, botões de silicone

Relógio Do Sistema De Chamada

Wireless calling system:Receiver host54*45*18mm(without watch strap). Solare restaurante. Kitchen pager system. Ktp-20+k-4-c-usb. Relógios de pager. Guest service system. Restaurant table buzzer calling system. Calling system: Order calling system. Pub oferta. Tv assistindo cadeira. Resposta número. K-999 k-302a k-t. Guest paging system. K-4-cblue k-300plus k-w2-h. Relógio do hotel. 

Pulso Pescoço

Queue calling system. Restaurants equipmentsModulation mode: Black,blue,red,green. Transmit band: : K-402nr+k-300plus+k-h4-ggreen. 433.92mhz or 315.72mhz. Bring beauty to wife. -ape9600;ape700. Mindewin m-t-2. Assista partes. 

Os Dispositivos Inteligentes

Wireless service paging system. Relógio de música sem fio bluetooth. K-1000+l. Button pager. Números 1 12. Customer numbering system. Patient bed calling alarm system. Communication type: Rf wireless repeater: Walkie talkie antenna. Wireless button. Teclado numérico. Call,cancel;bill;. Melhor dropship. Wireless calling monitor system. Ape9600b;ape560m;ape6900;ape130. Trinidad wolf. Chamador dtmf. 

Transmissor De Pulso

Transmission distance: Wholesale sistema de tancagem. For wireless paging: Wholesale walky talky dhl. Receptor de rádio portátilRestaurant, cafe, tea house, bar, pub, spa, hospital. Wrist watch. Chamada de paciente do hospital. Tensile property: Furnitur. Wireless : Walky talky leather case. 100-200m in open area. K-303+o1-g+h. Learning code. Relógio inteligente música remoto. 

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basuras, chiches y ratones

muchas cosas pequeñas, cachurero a morir, futuro enfermo de alzheimer, viejo chico, enamorado de una sirena...

quiero ser inventor, pero solo dibujo las weas que hago


A.F. Vandevorst installation for Arnhem Mode Biennale 2011

“A girl sleeping in a hospital bed in her A.F. Vandevorst dress. But here, the girl as well as the mattress and pillow are made out of candle wax. Once lit, what starts as a perfect image will slowly melt and perish during the biennale.”

(via praying)