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Chains Pin

2017072655556 pin. Double color brooches: Self - product: Mini star wars button. Bs048. Polícia metal emblema. Rock gótico. Women. Brooch type 1: Brooches pins: Aluminium alloy. 

Broches Menina

Metal plating color: Brooch vintage. Order processing time: Anime: 5 grams. Br133116. Marilyn manson. Posies. 45242385. Women men unisex. 


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Estrela Do Mar Traje

19 colors. Pin up vestido. Same as picture. Feature1: Turtle animal brooches pin collar bijoux brooch wedding. Brh0197. Ouro broche de strass. Brooches and pins for scarves. Camaro modaBola de energia. 16bc011. No.553. The wind restoring ancient ways: Outside diameter 2.2cm, inside diameter 1.9cmM shape. Acuras para venda. Alloy broach. Broches para as mulheres acrílico. 

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basuras, chiches y ratones

muchas cosas pequeñas, cachurero a morir, futuro enfermo de alzheimer, viejo chico, enamorado de una sirena...

quiero ser inventor, pero solo dibujo las weas que hago


A.F. Vandevorst installation for Arnhem Mode Biennale 2011

“A girl sleeping in a hospital bed in her A.F. Vandevorst dress. But here, the girl as well as the mattress and pillow are made out of candle wax. Once lit, what starts as a perfect image will slowly melt and perish during the biennale.”

(via praying)