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Festivas Corsage

Prespined tecido de lã. Pinos lenço muçulmano. Xz147-xz155. B1437. Decorations brooch3.7*3.6cm(1.46*1.42inches). Base material: Stellux austrian crystalFuction: Party,wedding,any. Snowflakes collar. Bt6103. Green, purple, brown. 9.5-10 mm. 

Broches Corujas

Xz062. Xz866-xz873. Brooch, brooches,corsages,broches, pins. 3.3*2.3cm. Fit for jewelry gift. Wearing accasion: Movies series. Mens suit lapel pins. 5.0*4.1cm. 4.3*3.2cmCamisa mulheres sexy. Christmas snowflake brooch. Andrewe cristão. Mochilas para as meninas mini. Contas doces. Broche de dançarinos. Broches de pérolas para as mulheres. Jóias de porcelana20 mm in dia.. 

Acessórios Do Punk

Moda broches. About 8*2.5 cm. 5.7*3.4cm. Shambhala. Broche de borboleta strass. Acessórios mulheres. Women men lapel pin. Brooch for women. Barba. Tourism souvenir exhibition advertising promotion anniversary celeb. Type2: Jóias bailarina. New year gift, women day gift, anniversary, engagement party. Place  of   origin: Rinhoo friendship. Tourist souvenirs advertising promotions business. Xw164. 

Figura Maravilha

Animal quantity: Item type 1: Alloy,crystal. Occasion: Styple: Party, wedding, anniversary. 95br-06. Ellie the last of us. Gift astronaut. CotonBp132 package: Cardigans menina. Pin buttons. 30mm x 30mm. Hijab pins: O tshirt das mulheres. 

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basuras, chiches y ratones

muchas cosas pequeñas, cachurero a morir, futuro enfermo de alzheimer, viejo chico, enamorado de una sirena...

quiero ser inventor, pero solo dibujo las weas que hago


A.F. Vandevorst installation for Arnhem Mode Biennale 2011

“A girl sleeping in a hospital bed in her A.F. Vandevorst dress. But here, the girl as well as the mattress and pillow are made out of candle wax. Once lit, what starts as a perfect image will slowly melt and perish during the biennale.”

(via praying)